Genome Explorer is a platform built based on three unique modules (Pipeline, Case Analyzer, and Report Builder). These three integrated modules provide an end-to-end computational solution for next-gen panels, exomes and genomes for both germline and somatic cases.

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Primary Analysis Secondary Analysis Variant Interpretation Result Reporting
  • Alignment
  • Quality assessment
  • Variant calling:
    • SNV/indel
    • CNV
  • Variant annotation
  • Variant classification
  • Private and community knowledgebase
  • Genosity interpretations
  • Layout templates
  • Content templates
  • PDF and HL7
Genosity Case Analyzer Features
  • HIPAA compliant and web-based
  • Supports both Germline and Somatic assays
  • Supports multi-sample comparisons: Tumor-Normal, Exome-Trios
  • Knowledgebase for variant interpretation and population incidence
  • Existing variant classifications and interpretations in Genosity Knowledgebase
  • BCL, FASTQ, BAM and VCF inputs
  • Validated and published pipelines for germline and somatic applications
  • Integration with third party pipelines and tools